How it Happened

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The story of these great companies is not a huge one, but one worth reading.  Out of a huge drive to work for themselves the first of five companies Kentucky Hot Brown Pedalboards, LLC was started by Owner and Louisville Kentucky Entrepreneur Kenny Marine and wife Toni Marine in 2013.  Started out over a love of making products with their hands and gaining a ton of respect along the way.  Not just locally, but all over the world.

With thousands of units sold globally, a sister company was born.  Kentucky Hot Brown Homegoods.  The homegoods company meant strictly for creating products made for the home and for sales at local festivals became a success as well.

Kenny Marine has always been a local artist and a part of the Louisville KY scene.  Being a local Louisville Musician and Photographer, it was a no brainer for him to start a website business selling his and his son's great photography work of Kentucky and Tennessee.  Hence Kenny Marine Photography was born.


Needing an outlet or a hobby if you ask Toni Marine, Kenny started buying and selling Star Wars toys for fun and little extra cash.  Before long after a few really good investments Kenny created a website under his alter ego "Darth Skippy".  Skippy being a nickname that Kenny was given by a good friend and fellow musician several years ago.  Being a huge Star Wars Fan, he added the Darth sir name.  Before long another business was created to buy and sell new and vintage toys "Darth Skippy's Collectibles"

At this point you are probably thinking is this man MAD?!  Well, maybe a little, but it is his drive that makes him want to provide these services to everyone.

During the craziness of 2020 Kenny's son Kenneth Marine wanted to help with or add to the family business.  He invested into a laser machine with the hopes of adding or augmenting what the other businesses do.  Partnering with his son "Flashpoint Engraving" was created.  Still in its infancy at this point, but with many plans and goals in the works.